Fleece Inventory

Well, this isn't moving along very quickly, but I've culled some fleeces so now there are fewer to post. Maybe if I start adding them as I get them, eventually this page will become up to date.
Updated 02/21/2012 (still need to add the alpaca)
Updated 03/29/2012 to add the Finn/Dorset/Targhee (still haven't added the alpaca)
Updated 06/11/2012 added the Border Leicester
Updated 07/07/2012 added Romney
Updated 05/14/2013 added Shetland (Bart's half fleece)
Updated 07/09/2013 added Navajo-Churro fleece (Kayla's lamb fleece)
Updated 06/12/2014 added Shetland (Bing's beautiful black fleece)
Updated 10/26/2014 Added 2 Navajo-Churros and a CVM

Clipped July 2014 at Morgan River Ranch. The white one is Dovey, the golden brown is Kayla. Apparently, NC wool doesn't like being rained on. Both fleeces have matted bits, quite felted. I didn't bother weighing them. The white is a bit coarser, I'm looking forward to spinning some fat singles for rug weaving. I love the colors of the brown, they remind me of a lion's mane.

Purchased September 2014 at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival from Cedar Glen Sheep Farm. A lovely, well skirted fleece that is very clean, no vm, just a tad over 3 lbs. The raw wool looks oatmeal colored, but washes up to a lovely variegated gray. The crimp is nice and the tips are nice. I'd buy fleece from this outfit again.

Purchased May 2014 from Boulderneigh. Awesome, well skirted black fleece at 4 pounds, shorn from Bing. Coated, very clean and soft, lovely crimp.

Shorn at Morgan River Ranch in June 2013. Lamb fleece from Kayla. All over golden tips, dark chocolate underneath. Uncoated, very clean, hardly any crimp, soft luster, about 5" length. Love it.

Shetland Fleece
Purchased May 2013 from Boulderneigh. Creamy, some with light brown tips. Coated sheep, very clean, long staple 6", consistent crimp, low grease. Love it.

Romney Fleece
Purchased June 2012 at BSG wool sale (non judged), fleece from Ace 'n the Hole. From a coated sheep, hardly any dirt or VM, low grease. Light oatmeal to grey in color, 5-6" locks.

Border Leicester

Purchased Spring 2012 from Sudan Farms, 4 lbs raw. White, 4" staple, wavy and shiny with some curls, small locks, some mostly small VM, low grease. Combs easily, but is silky and pulls apart easily when making top.

Purchased 03/2012 Merry Meadow Farms.  4.5 lbs. unwashed. Open uniform crimp, 5"+ staple, nice locks. "Medium" wool. Washes to bright white.

Grey Merino 
Purchased 10/2011 during Lambtown at Dixon, California. (can't remember the name of the farm, off hand.) Wt. at purchase - ~ 9lbs. Mostly light grey with some darker grey and some brown along legs. Tips are bleached. Fine and wispy, very dense and soft. Low lanolin. Some vm, mostly foxtail type stickers and those corkscrew type weed seeds. I love it. Before washing, sold ~ 2lbs to another spinner.

washed up

About .5 lbs dyed

Light Brown/Oatmeal Shetland (I know there is a proper Shetland name for this color, I just don't remember what it is)
Purchased 06/09 from Boulderneigh
Purchase wt. ~ 4 lbs. 4-6" long staple, soft, disorganized crimp. Used in various projects, ~ 1.5 lbs remaining.

Rambouillet, washed, ~ 1.5 lbs.
Purchased (don't remember)
Soft and crimpy, rather dirty tips even after washing. Have only played with with this stuff a bit. I think now I know enough about prepping fiber to get this to turn out pretty good.

Cormo x Targhee
Purchased 2008 maybe? From Merry Meadows Farms. Approx 1 lb washed. Nice crimp, crisp feel.

Purchased from Merry Meadows farms
About 2 lbs washed, silky bold crimp, soft, great lock structure. I washed this in small batches to maintain the lock structure.

Cormo, Dark Brown
Purchased from Merry Meadows farms
About 4 lbs washed, crisp handle, nice locks

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