October 22, 2016

Not Exactly Lemons

But that's what came to mind, making the best of the weather. The last few days have been hot. Especially Friday, oh my goodness! I think it hit 93 or 94 F. Too hot to do anything that didn't need doing. But, a good day for a Friday Fall fleece flout. (hehehe) A hot, dry sunny day is a good time to haul the fleeces out of the closet, remind myself what I have, and check for fleece pests. Here is what I pulled out of my closet. This is like a fleece buffet, and I want to take a little of everything and spin it right now.
All out enjoying the sun
Those, plus a few other bags in the shed equals 24 bags. Mostly wool, mostly colored, which surprised me. Mostly luscious too. There are 4 bags of alpaca in there too. Not counted; commercially prepped fiber in batts or rovings, and various bags of dog hair suitable for spinning, and a few ounces of flax and hemp. I guess I'll go through all that another day, that would be a good rainy day activity. If we ever get another rainy day. Here is a link an album, but there are no notations on the pictures.

October 14, 2016


The most ramdon thing about my blog these days is how often I post. Or not. I am still here. Some time writing wants to happen, and sometimes other things want to (or need to) happen more.

Reese, the puppy of unknown parentage, is nearly 6 months old. She is as big as Rowyn, and weighs a few pounds more. With great relief, I've noticed her growth rate has slowed down. Maybe she'll merely be large, and not a moose.
Rowyn and I went up to Oregon, to participate in the 2016 ASCA National show, the big, annual show for Australian Shepherds. We entered tracking at the TDX level (didn't pass) and several agility events (we earned one qualifying score out of 11 runs). We had a great time staying with our friends at Morgan River Ranch.


Rowyn and his mom, Cricket

Rosie, Cricket and Ro. The girls competed in stock dog stuff.
After that, Ro and I drove to Idaho for the almost annual sibling get together. We stay in a little town called Victor, just over the pass from Jackson Hole. My brother lives out there. We fish and raft and sight see and visit.
Out on the Snake River

Sight seeing in Yellowstone

Caught one! A cutthroat trout.
We've been back for a few weeks. I've knit a few things and spun some stuff and made some things.
Gifts for Evan's girlfriend, Sam. She's attending law school at Michigan State, and I've decided she'll need many, many knitted things. I found some pretty-close-to-Spartan-green yarn in my stash, and turned it into fingerless mitts and a headband.

The mitts are Lambing Mitts and the headband is based on Calorimetry, just few turns, as I didn't have very much green yarn left. The green yarn is something discontinued, and I've no idea what the white was.

I've been making felted dryer balls. I was going to make some for myself, and then the dog rescue group we adopted Reese from, Aussie Rescue of San Diego and Friends, put a call out for crafty things to sell as a fund raiser at a craft market. Well, if I was going to make some any way... And its a great way to use up odd yarns and bits.
I needle felted the paw prints on, I thought maybe more people would like them that way. I decided I preferred winding yarn balls and felting them to wet felting the balls. And even better yet, most of the waste wool I'd saved from combing, carding and spinning worked out great when spun into fat, low twist singles and then wound into balls and felted. By the way, one full bobbin equals two dryer balls.
From this

To this

To this!

August 26, 2016

More spinning, from the lock

This is Leicester wool.  Pretty luster, no crimp, just sort of wavy.  I should dye some of this, I bet it will be stunning.  

August 22, 2016

Green silk

Spider egg sacs. Green spider silk. I wonder if it can be stretched out like a silk hanky? A really small one.

August 6, 2016

The Romney

Takes forever to fill a bobbin when spinning skinny singles. And I'm not even sure why I'm spinning so fine. I guess the fleece made me do it. 

August 4, 2016

Found it!

For weeks, I've noticed evidence of a leaf muncher on my tomato plants, but I could never spot the culprit. This morning I found fresh frass (yup, I learned a new word, the proper name for caterpillar poop) beneath one of the plants. Looking above the droppings, I spotted the poop producer. As a little girl, 'horn worms' gave me the willies, what with the way they rear up at you when you touch them, and the fact that they're 'worms' with this giant, bad-ass looking spike at one end. Now, I think they're pretty, in a way, and they turn into really cool moths, but as caterpillars, I still think they're icky. 

While there haven't been many fiber related posts making it onto the blog, I am still fiber active. I finished spinning the last of the Shetland fleece, I think this is the first time I can say I've spun or otherwise used up an entire fleece. Now I'm spinning Romney, and I feel like I've finally really gotten the hang of spinning from the lock. It seems like the perfect way to spin long wavy locks.