October 22, 2016

Not Exactly Lemons

But that's what came to mind, making the best of the weather. The last few days have been hot. Especially Friday, oh my goodness! I think it hit 93 or 94 F. Too hot to do anything that didn't need doing. But, a good day for a Friday Fall fleece flout. (hehehe) A hot, dry sunny day is a good time to haul the fleeces out of the closet, remind myself what I have, and check for fleece pests. Here is what I pulled out of my closet. This is like a fleece buffet, and I want to take a little of everything and spin it right now.
All out enjoying the sun
Those, plus a few other bags in the shed equals 24 bags. Mostly wool, mostly colored, which surprised me. Mostly luscious too. There are 4 bags of alpaca in there too. Not counted; commercially prepped fiber in batts or rovings, and various bags of dog hair suitable for spinning, and a few ounces of flax and hemp. I guess I'll go through all that another day, that would be a good rainy day activity. If we ever get another rainy day. Here is a link an album, but there are no notations on the pictures.

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