October 16, 2014

Catching Up - Part 5

The last of the Idahp/Wyoming pics. Honest.
We did a little hiking around.
going golden
And we went rafting on the Snake River through Grand Teton National Park. More a float trip, really. We started about mid-day, and the threat of rain lifted and we had a beautiful start.

One place we pulled up to the bank and found animal tracks! Elk, moose and wolf! We could smell what Mike said was an elk smell. It smelled a little bit like sheep.
The clouds started drifting back in.
We stopped for lunch.
And uh. yeah. That cloud kept a'coming and it started to rain. And then hail. But not too big. After the rain we continued our trip. Our seats were all wet. So were our pants.
 We didn't see any large terrestrial animals, but we did see a pair of Bald Eagles.

We hit our take-out spot just as the air started getting chilly. It was a great trip, and I was very happy to hop into a warm car and head back to the house.

October 10, 2014

CU - Part 4

In honor of the cousins' visit, we rented an SUV big enough to hold the six of us plus two dogs, and made a one day blitz of Yellowstone National Park. One day isn't nearly enough, but it's better than nothing.

We saw thermal pools.

 We saw bison. How can you not see bison? They don't cross the road, they just go stand in the middle of it. Made a big traffic jam.
Awkward family photos
We saw an amazing waterfall, from 2 different angles.
The yellow color of the canyon walls gives name to Yellowstone.
Gussied up by my cell phone.

We didn't see any moose, or (Yogi & BooBoo) bear, but we did see this little guy. My brother says it's an ermine.

And of course we went to see Old Faithful. This isn't a very good video. And there might be cursing in the audio.

Visiting Yellowstone in the Fall is not a bad idea, the crowds are smaller, but the park was still plenty busy. The weather wasn't bad while we were there, a little bit of rain in the morning and then the day was shirt sleeve comfy.

Catching Up - Part 3

The Idaho trip is a family trip. I visit my brother, my sister and BIL drive out too, and this year we were joined by two cousins from New York. Cheryl and Teresa. After we picked them up from the airport, we went over to Jackson Hole Resort to ride the tram  to the top.
Starting out in Teton Village
Looking north. Pretty cool even when there is no snow.
When you get to the top, you can have waffles! If you get there before closing. :-(
Looking south into Jackson Hole

October 7, 2014

Getting Caught Up - Part 2

Now, this part, just this paragraph, is out of order. Defending my procrastination. I got home a week ago, on Tuesday. Thursday night my youngest son and his girlfriend showed up for a visit. I knew they were coming, I just didn't remember they were coming. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, they really aren't much trouble to have around. But. Sunday her parents were coming to pick my son and his girlfriend up. She and her family are Jets fans and they were all going to see the Chargers and Jets play at Qualcom Stadium. Football. But. This was a first time meeting for us parents. Do you know what I mean? I mean, I like the girlfriend, she's smart and funny and into crafty things (tho not knitting, yet) and very nice, but, they've only been going out for barely a year. Do us parents really need to meet yet? Since maybe these would be people we might know for a long time, I decided to make food, and do extra cleaning. Which is a really long way of saying, "I'm sorry, I was slightly distracted." I thought the meeting went fine, all 75 minutes of it. Extra cleaning is never a bad thing, and by extra I mean things that should've been cleaned anyway. And we'll eat our way through the food, eventually.

So. Rowyn and I drove to Idaho, the southern end of the Teton Valley, for a visit with my brother (and his dog) and my sister and brother-in-law and 2 cousins from New York. The first part of the trip goes through the desert, towards Las Vegas. Just this side (west) of Vegas, we found a huge puddle in the desert
left over from the rains that washed out 2 miles of Interstate 15 on the other side of Vegas, just a few days earlier. Lake Mead National Recreation Area was offering a waived entrance fee for vehicles wanting to detour around the washout, and I decided to take them up on it. I've decided it is much nicer to drive around Las Vegas than through it. I didn't see much of Lake Mead, but I did see lots of red rock, and at one point, 2 (desert bighorn?) sheep crossed the road ahead of us. It was a delightful and peaceful drive.

After staying in Provo, UT for the night, Rowyn and I stopped by Bridal Veil Falls. Just a few minutes outside of Provo.

We headed east on I80, and made a short stop to admire Echo Canyon.
Look Ma, more red rocks!
Later that day, the desert became mountains, and we met up with my family at Grand Teton Brewing Company. There is a nice grassy area outside the tasting room, perfect for enjoying the scenery, a beverage, and letting the dogs run and play.

October 6, 2014

Just Plying Around

With Spinning & Weaving and Weaving Week coming up, I've decided to get caught up on plying. Most of this is destined for weaving and I'll make 2-ply yarns of them.

October 2, 2014

Getting Caught Up - part 1

When last I blogged about knitting, it was all about the Circlet Cardigan and how it was a bit big, and the sleeves much too long. I went out and collected opinions. First, I went to see my good friend Nancy at Common Threads. Not only is she a wonderful knitter and knitwear designer, she knows about fixing knitted things. She thinks the fit is fine, and assured me that I can  shorten the sleeves from the cuff end and everything will be fine. Later, I showed my friend Dusty, who doesn't know much of anything about knitting, and she declared the project beautiful and worthy of reworking. Michelle, I thought about showing you, but it was too blasted hot on Sunday to put the sweater on. So, I will tackle sleeve shortening, and document my progress here, so if I ever need to remember what (or what not) to do, I can find my notes. I expect to start around mid-month.

With the cardigan on hold, and the mountain meadow mayhem socks complete, I picked out another sock project, this time for my DH. He is very conservative in style, so I picked out a nice brown yarn, Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Silk Solid. Its a blend of bamboo, merino and a tiny bit of silk. This was my traveling project. Two at a time, magic loop, toe up.

Bill's Brown Socks

Museum Month & Spinning and Weaving Week

Its October and that means free admission for kids at over 30 museums in the San Diego area. http://sandiegomuseumcouncil.org/kidsfree  Make sure to visit the website for details, and download/save the coupons. Some good bets; Birch Aquarium at Scripps, the USS Midway,  and Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.

And right after I posted the above paragraph, I was getting caught up on reading blogs and found reference to National Spinning and Weaving Week. Really? I'd never heard of it before, so I thought I'd mention it here, just in case you'd never heard of it either. Here is a link; http://www.weavespindye.org/spinning-weaving-week . October 6-12. I've seen mention of teams and competitions, I'll skip those and just make sure to give some attention to my spinning and weaving projects.