April 16, 2016

So Far,

The 'body' of the mermaid tail blanket. I picked color and stitch pattern that remind me of tropical fish, like parrot fish. The top is to the left, and was knit flat. A little over halfway down, I joined the sides, began knitting in the round and making decreases. The bottom was bound off, then stitched together, making the lower part like a sack. 

I had several ideas on how to construct the tail, like so many pretty stones I'd pick one and turn it over and study it, and then a different one would catch my fancy. Finally, I settled on a look I wanted, and let the concept drive my design. Now I'm playing around with the construction.

March 23, 2016

November 19, 2015

Visual Updates

Weaving - remember those napkins? I'll have them finished by the end of this year. I'm pretty sure this is napkin #6.

Knitting - a scarf, made with the yarn I picked up at Hanalei Strings. The pattern is Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks. It is an excellent pattern for this type of colorway.

October 23, 2015

Caught on Camera

Actual footage of finished sweater in use.

I'm very pleased. It is warm and comfortable, and I like how it fits.

 I installed the zipper by hand, using one ply of the yarn and sewing the zipper in with an embroidery chain stitch. If I can find the right length, I'd love to replace this zipper with a two-way zipper. And maybe add a button for the stand up collar.
 Other than at the shoulders, there are no seams in this sweater. The collar and the sleeves were picked up and knit from the sweater body. The pocket openings were created as I knit the body and then the pocket linings were picked up and knit in place, using a linen stitch.

I made pages and pages of notes while I worked on this, in case I ever wanted to make another. I don't want to make another.

As expected, the yarn is a bit pilly, too bad. I might re-knit the collar. I'm very happy I finally finished this project.

October 8, 2015

Out of Hibernation

Bears go into hibernation for the winter, and wool sweaters come out of hibernation in the fall. Not that there is much call for wool here in the sunny southland. But, I have travel plans, and am soon headed for the Pacific Northwest, where at least the night time temperatures might call for wool sweaters. Just enough push for me to dig out a long dormant project, the Lattice Be Warm sweater. According to my notes, the last time I worked on this was 2013.

The last picture I took then;
Picture from yesterday;

August 22, 2015

Pardon the Dust!

Cough, cough! Wheeze! I've convinced myself to blow the dust off the blog and start out afresh. I can come up with plenty of excuses for why I was off line, but I'm already bored with my own excuses, so I'll skip those.

My Grandpa, 1942
You may remember back in February my grandmother died after a long time of just slowly diminishing. My grandfather felt so very lonely, no matter how much we tried to keep him occupied. They were married for 74 years. Last June, the day before Grandpa's birthday, he took a bad fall and passed away on his 95th birthday.

My grandpa was many things. Such a long life creates many opportunities. He was a man of simple faith who lived his beliefs, a man who enjoyed hard work and job well done, who seemed to like everybody, and was in turn well liked by everybody. I never heard him curse, never heard him yell, gossip, or wish anyone ill. He liked a good practical joke, and was a terrific story teller. He believed in taking care of small problems before they became big problems, and treating everyone fairly and with kindness. He grew up on a farm, during the depression. He didn't worry too much about what he didn't have, he was too busy enjoying what he did have. And if he thought something in his life needed improving, well he went to work on fixing it.

I am so blessed that he was my grandpa. So much of him is woven through who I am. The very best parts of who I am. I am so lucky that he lived as long as he did, that I could spend so much time with him. I wish everyone I know could have met him, and has someone like him in their life. I wish there were more people like him.
My grandparents and my mother

June 4, 2015

Blame the Weather

And another long break. Its just be too nice to sit inside at the computer during the day, and too busy in the evenings. Although I've managed to find some time for knitting and spinning.

Travel. I went to Mexico City with a friend. Myriam lived there for a while as a young woman, and we went to visit her daughter, who was finishing up her residency at a hospital there. I had just the best time ever.

Mexico City is huge! And very populated! And Old! So much more history than any place I'd been before. And so many more people. (I'm not a city person, I was concerned over how I might feel about being around so many people. But it was okay. )And ancient ruins and artifacts. And traffic and crazy drivers! We walked or took mass transit almost everywhere we went. There's the Metro (subway), Metrobuses, regular buses, buses going every where. One night we took taxi's, because we had a fancy dinner to attend. Between all the walking and being so busy we seldom stopped to eat, I lost 6 pounds in 5 days. Don't worry. I gained it back.

We stayed in or near the central district, not too far from Monumento A la Revolucion. One night there was a massive bicycle rally, so many people of all ages, and so many different types of bikes. The major avenues in the area all had dedicated bike lanes.
 The riders getting ready to start. Bikes of all types, people of all ages. It was a very festive and friendly atmosphere.

Monumento A la Revolucion. Lots of bikes in the foreground.
And Bikes in the water feature.     

Another day, an organized protest was beginning.
And, without the protesters.
Okay, I need to go to bed now. More later.