March 20, 2008


Yeah, I know what I said last time, when I was expecting to merrily coast along to finishing this back section of the PSC. But hear my anguished cry. Midway thru each stitch pattern repeat is 3 row of stockinette - wheeeee. When I started to work in pattern again, I found the first complete pattern repeat short one stitch. Should be 16 stitches in the repeat, yet I only counted 15. :-( I figure I messed up 5 rows back (BTW, I tried doing a m1 increase first, thinking it I could hide it in the embossed stitch pattern. I was wrong, it looked awful.)

About the 3rd row back (I was tinking, because I didn't want to lose my stitch markers for the pattern repeats) I was checking out the partial pattern repeat at the start of the row, and found that somehow I'd moved the stitch marker over one, and there was an extra stitch in that group - hooray, problem solved! Right? Just move the stitch marker back over and its all good. So that's what I did (plus I found another mistake several rows down involving 2 stitches crossed the wrong way, so I fixed that too.) So I start knitting my stockinette again, 2 rows, start the pattern again and son of a biscuit, that darn stitch is still missing. The stitch count in the partial is correct now, and I'll be dawggoned if I can figure out how that happened. Back to tinking, I'll be lucky if I break even in stitch count today. Happy Vernal Equinox everyone!

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