May 18, 2008

Travel Time!

Tuesday I head out for Knoxville, Tn. This is another Destination ImagiNation trip, so I'll be traveling with five 17 year old boys and the team manager. It was a hoot last year. You can click on the link, opening and closing ceremonies will be web cast live!

Travel without knitting projects is not an option, I'll take along the socks I started a few months ago, and I've just started a Clapotis as a take along project as well. Not that I expect to have any need of a scarf at this time of year in Knoxville. I splurged (really splurged!) and bought 2 skeins of Blue Heron Rayon Beads for this project. I fell in love with the colorway. I've actually cast on about 4 times and ripped back, I think I've got a good start now. One thing scares me, what if I forget to twist a stitch somewhere?

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