April 27, 2009

Color my mood

I think Friday's funk was from lack of color. The socks and the felted basket bottom were just too dreary, and spinning up something colorful was just what I needed. So I hanked up some yarn that was taking up bobbin space and got busy with a RedFish Dye Works roving. I split the roving into 5 sections, but I think I need to split one more time so I have 6 slivers to work with. The plan is to turn this roving into a 2 ply yarn that I can use to knit a (small) scarf. (I haven't really knit anything with any of my handspun yet.) This roving is very soft, and I think it will draft pretty well.

Anyway, I started feeling much better after working with the roving and watching how the colors shifted and changed as I spun the yarn. I'm trying to spin it fairly thin, as once the yarn is plied, I'm hoping for a sport or DK weight yarn. We'll see. I don't have very good control yet. I spun one entire sliver on Friday, and another on Saturday. Predrafting helps.

Sunday, Hubby and I went for a drive with a car club. I made a little progess on the Hubby socks (freeway driving), and lots of progress on the felted bag (scenic and spirited driving).

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