May 26, 2009

Curbing Bag - Finished

I like it when I finish things, it feels like at least something is getting done around here. Last week I looked at the Curbing Bag project and all of a sudden realized it was just 3 color rows from being done. Wow! I started this project over a year ago without a concrete endpoint, other than waiting for the bag to tell me it was done. It was a nice, low demand project; easy to work on, not mentally taxing and it didn't mind hibernating for months at a time while I worked on other stuff. Here is how it turned out;

Maybe I'll add a one button closure across the top. I like the inside as much as the outside, and might do another one inside out, just for fun.

Sunday morning I needed a new, 'don't need to pay much attention' project to work on while I watched the Formula 1 race, so I cast on for a camera sock for the new camera. (While I've been known to rise in the predawn hours to watch these races, this time I recorded the race so I could watch during a more civilized hour.) Why not? Hopefully, the sock will offer some protection against scratches to the camera body while its in my purse. Since a sock is more fitted than, say a bag, I decided to add some shaping to customize the fit. A combination of short rows, increases and decreases and ribbing. I was having so much fun, I also watched the Indy 500, just so I could keep working on the sock. I really don't care much for oval track racing, but at least there were some lady drivers to root for. Danica Patrick came in 3rd!

I added a hemmed cuff for the sock, but here the sock turns into a bag, as I plan on a drawstring running through the hem. Every thing but the drawstring is done. Here, old camera has graciously agreed to take a picture of new camera, in sock. Oddly enough, I had just enough left over sock yarn to finish this project.

Odds n Ends;
I'm swatching different stitch patterns for my summer waistcoat, but at the rate I'm going, it could be next summer before it's done.

I finally finished spinning the Redfish fiber, and started 2 plying. The plying is taking way longer than I thought it would, although I can see how it might go faster if the singles were more consistent. ;-) Most of the color combos look pretty good, I was worried about things looking muddy, and there is some muddy stuff at the very beginning. Maybe I'll have the plying done by this weekend...

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  1. Oh my god! That fiber is just stunning! I can't wait to see it in person.