May 19, 2009


Why haven't I posted? Because I've got zippo to report on. I feel like I've been busy, but I sure don't have much to show for it. Where has all the time gone? Since I calculated how long it will take me to finish the Muir shawl, I've knit exactly one row more. I haven't posted a new picture of felted basket #2. Here's a picture of it blocking. It looks like I made a baking dish cozy. I finished the edge with 4 rows of garter stitch, and after felting the edge came out nice and smooth. This dish might be just a little too large for the box, I think I stretched it out too much and I might just re-felt the box and block it over something smaller.

Now, I do know what happened to some of the missing time. Hubby asked what I wanted for Mother's Day, and I decided to go big. A new digital point and shoot camera, a set of Addi Clicks and a jumbo flyer for my spinning wheel. No, not all of them, it was between these 3. Addi Clicks are all sold out for a while, so I crossed those off the list, and I'm really not ready to start with a jumbo flyer, so I decided on the camera. My current camera is a whopping 3.1 megapixels, its been very servicable over the years, as long as the light is good and my subject isn't moving. But which one to get? Where did all those little cameras come from? There must be hundreds! I think I spent 2 days in front of the computer researching cameras. I was exhausted.

I finally narrowed my search down to 3 choices. And then I went over to a friends house, and she showed me a camera her husband had recently purchased. Not one that was on my short list, it was out side my price point and a bit bigger than what I was looking for. But, I remembered reading favorable reviews, and I started playing with it. Ohhh, nice macro shots; check out that detail, wow! the flash is great, check out the zoom! And then I clicked off 2 awesome portraits of my friend's boys, and I was hooked. End of story, I was in love and nothing else would do. I had to have that camera, even if it meant no new yarn for a month! I tried one of the camera's from my list, but my mind kept tugging back to that other camera. It was hopeless.

Thank goodness Hubby understands.

So the next few days after Mother's Day were spent in blissful abandon, learning the secrets of my new camera. Simple and easy to get along with, but with some deeper challenges and complexity. :-)

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