June 29, 2009

Finally! An Update

What fun is a trip without a brag? Here's the loot I brought home; almost all the goodies,
An 8oz roving of 70% merino wool and 30% seacell from Creatively Dyed Yarn,
A sampling of 1 oz. camel fiber rovings from Tactile Fiber Arts, camel/merino, camel/tussah and baby camel.
A sampling of 1 oz. each baby llama (black), suri alpaca (white), fine alpaca (brown) and baby camel (tan), also from Tactile.
A packet of silk cap.

This clever little Full Circle Niddy-Noddy One Yard Skeiner/Ball winder/inch gauge from The Bellwether. I also purchased some EccoScour WA-305, but I already used it up. I really like it.
And this enormous capacity shoulder bag, which was crutial in getting all my goodies home, especially the one below.
A 4 lb. Shetland Sheep fleece, yum, yum, yummy!
Here is a close up. This is why I used up all the scour.

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