August 4, 2009

On to Paradise...

This wasn't suppose to come in installments, really.

Socks on the south bound train

The socks and I went home, and some times we worked together on car rides. And then, after a few weeks, the traveling socks and I went on an airplane ride to someplace far away. A few other projects went along for the ride, like the Summer Waistcoat and the Muir Shawl. After all, it wouldn't be Paradise without plenty of knitting projects.

Summer Waistcoat on a Plane

We made a stop in Auckland, but only to catch our next flight. If you're like me, a knitter and a spinner, New Zealand might be considered paradise. There is a lot of wool there, and weather cold enough to warrant the wearing of woolen garments. At least compared to where I live now. Sadly for me, there wasn't any yarn of any type for sale in the international terminal shops, though there were a good selection of merino and possum/merino blend garments. I was sorely tempted by some of the goods, but decided I wouldn't need them for my next destination.

I was headed to a little bit of Paradise called Toberua Island. At only 4 acres, it's a very small island that is one of the 332 making up Fiji. Actually, I don't really know if Toberua is part of the official count or not. It is pretty small. But does it ever provide some big time relaxation. No roads, no traffic noise, no airplanes flying overhead, no sirens, no barking dogs, no TVs or any other outside distractions. The real gift of this place is the staff, its incredible how friendly and hospitable they are. The resort is beautiful, but the people make it fantastic.

Now, I didn't go alone, just me and the knitting. It was a family trip and Hubby and Offspring 1 & 2 all came along. I've never seen the guys relax so much. We ate and snorkeled, and went tide pooling and ate, and kayaked and ate and went diving and ate, and made new friends and ate. Toberua also has some good food, but I bet you guessed that already.

Here are a few pictures;

A typical bure (room)

Different bure, back veranda

A mini spa

Typical happy knitter (not included w/bure)
a new friend
If you do decide to visit Toberua, tell them Shelly sent you. You know, the woman with the knitting.

And be sure to visit Picnic Island, its like stepping into a postcard setting.

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