January 31, 2010

Please... no more sandpaper

Friday I disassembled Blondie, the little Pocket Wheel, and started her finishing. (snort! that just sounds ridiculous, eh?)  It wasn't easy, taking her apart and knowing we won't be spinning together for a week or so.  Very nearly convinced myself that we didn't need no stinking finishing, we could spin on just fine the way we were. But then I waxed the bobbins I started finishing first. Liked the results so much I found the strength to begin the entire wheel.

 Blondie isn't very big, but sometimes it takes longer to work on small parts plus I really wanted to get the sanding part done this weekend. And for some reason the maple seemed to take more work than the cherry wood of my clock (my only other experience wet sanding in an oil finish.) That's the back to the clock behind the PW parts; oil finishing cherry produces incredible results, with nearly instant gratification. Anyway, I sanded on Friday, and I sanded on Saturday and I sanded some more today and my fingernails are shot and my fingers and shoulders and arms are sore and I really don't want to touch another piece of sandpaper for a few days, at least. 'Til Wednesday, when I have to prep wood samples for the finishing class. 

The final step, (for now anyway) before reassembly is waxing the finish, and that can't be done until the oil is completely cured, which could take between 2 days and a week, depending on the weather. In the meantime I need to draw up my side table plans for this semester's woodworking class, and do all the other stuff that just generally needs doing around here.

BTW, the plied Navajo plied Shetland wool from the Ashford bobbin didn't get near filling the PW bobbin.

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