March 27, 2010


Today, I registered for some workshop classes at Black Sheep Gathering. So, for sure I'm going. My toes have little tingles of excitement.

The Beret Easy beret is finished, and this time, it fits. Third time's a charm, or so the saying goes. The beret is blocking right now, but hopefully dry by this afternoon.  Of course, now we're into warmer weather and the poor thing won't have much use until next fall. I have, I think, enough of the Lana yarn left for another hat, a beanie at the very least, but I think I'm done with cool weather hats for now.

What I need now is a hat for warmer weather; especially one that will stay in place while I drive around with all the car windows open. One of my favorite things to do when the weather is fine. But my hair is a problem, I've let it grow out and now it gets in my eyes while I'm driving. Maybe I need a driving cap? Something with a brim would help keep the sun out of my eyes. Any suggestions?

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