April 1, 2010

Chapeau to go

As I finished my beret, I wondered if I'd have chance to wear it before next fall, with spring being officially here an' all. Mother Nature smiled on me, and this morning dawned cold and rainy. At least by San Diego standards. So this morning I wore my hat, and this afternoon I took a picture so I could show it off. (it turned into the most fantastic afternoon! see the sunshine outside?)

Don't mind the old gal in the picture, she shows up every time I try to get a picture of myself. Other than that, she doesn't seem to cause much trouble.

The hat band is still just the teensyist bit large, but I can live with it. Still love this yarn, even more because I didn't make my head feel itchy. In fact, I'm wearing it now.

Today was wood shop day. I finally have something that looks like, well, something.  At this stage, and using this type of construction, I have the parts for a... carcass. Yup, that's what its called. In the picture the parts are dry fitted together, and next week they get glued together. I've planned for that day for most of the semester, so much so that I need to check my notes to see what to do next.

Here is a picture of the carcass, a little distorted from the cell phone cam. The large empty space on bottom will be covered by a cabinet door, the smaller space on top will hold a drawer. Once its all done, a drum carder will sit on top!

Speaking of fibery things, the wool/seacell blend is all 2 plied. The first bobbin is coming of the niddy-noddy  tonight, to make room for the second bobbins worth. My best stuff yet, which is another way of saying I'm much closer to spinning a consistent, continuous single. :-)

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  1. I like the beret; I love the table!

    That old gal's sister has been showing up around here most mornings.