July 9, 2010

If I were a snail...

I'd be very happy with this weather. It is damp and cool and overcast. In July. We haven't had a daytime high over 67 f. here at the house for many days, maybe even a week. Now, I can imagine some of you snickering about what a Southern California weather wimp I am and you'd be right about that. What can I say? Its not uncomfortable; its just not normal for this time of year. Then again, looking at weather reports from around the country, these damp, cool conditions are pretty tolerable compared to the wilting heat and humidity or the punishing thunderstorms other parts of the country are experiencing.

finished last week, 2 ply of Jefferson Yarns Merino roving

On the upside to this cool dampness, hand knit socks are still feeling very cozy, and some of my knitting friends with recently finished sweaters and vests are actually wearing them instead of putting them away for the fall.  I think my real complaint is that this weather just isn't what I'm used to at this time of year.

This time of year is summer, and what's summer without a bit of traveling? Offspring #2 (I don't mention the boys much here, they'd be appalled if their friends found out I blog) leaves for Japan on Monday. He's studied Japanese language all through high school, the equivalent of 6 years due to being on a quarter rather than semester schedule. Almost every summer, his Japanese teacher leads a group trip for students to visit  her home town of Kyoto. I'm very excited that we're able to send Offspring #2 this year. (Heck, I'd like to go with him, but I'm sure he wouldn't be so thrilled about that.) The group will visit some temples and go to a festival and spend lots of time with Japanese students who are learning English. Evan (aw heck, he's just going to have to deal with it, offspring is just too cumbersome) gets to spend 4 nights with a host family as part of his stay.

Grumpasaurus rocks

I think the host family part is just fantastic, the best part of the entire trip. What better way to learn about another culture? As a thank you to the host family, we'll send along some gifts of beach culture Americana and, of course... some knitted things. Earlier this week we found out that Evan will have a host-sister, a 17 year old who is studying English. Good, I'll knit her some little creature (its seriously hot and humid there right now, I couldn't imagine sending anything knitted to wear. plus there is a time issue). So I knit up a Grumpasaurus. Yesterday Evan had an email from his host sister, and she has a younger sister and brother, and Evan will actually be staying down the street with her grandparents. OK, no pressure, I'll knit some other creatures, (time to drag out the odd bits of yarn) and maybe something for the grandparents!?? But what?
little snake

The teacher says many people in the area like to carry small hand towels with they go out, because it is hot and humid. Do you think the parents/grandparents would like hand knit dishcloths? I think I can bust out enough of those between now and Sunday night....
looking for inspiration


  1. You've been on my mind, wondering how your dad is doing. Hope things are going well. I love that you're knitting little creatures to send, and think the little dishcloths are a great idea. PS After crabbing about a grey winter in Taos this year, I will not let myself complain about this weather after watching those national weather reports each evening. We're so lucky! and I'm loving wearing socks and light sweaters...maybe we'll get a beautiful summer later, or this fall.

  2. I like the dishcloths idea. That handspun is beautiful!

    Oh, and I LOVE this weather!

  3. You could totally bust out some dishcloths. It's only an hour or two tops per depending on the pattern you use. Great idea!

  4. Found you tonight from my friend Taos Sunflower and yes you are lucky with your temps.
    103 most days here in Texas
    Take care

  5. I really love how Grumpasaurus turned out - you did a perfect job with the eyes and mouth!