July 18, 2010

Lounging in the Sun

Not me, but ideal for drying some knit wear. Another sunny, summery day, perfect for drying knitted items, washing the dog, washing dog beds, washing some area rugs, organizing craft area, trimming tree branches..., but I did take some time off in the afternoon for knitting. The ripple scarf finally got blocked, gosh it turned out long, 82" (look, Hootie Kitty sneaked  into the picture!), not counting the fringe. Choco-Java Bean hoodie got a much needed wash (it sees heavy use during winter and spring), and it even dried out all the way.

During the afternoon I wove in the ends on the 2 washcloths I made the day before; I just wanted something easy and wanted to use up the remainder of the ball of Ty-Dy Cotton. I'm impressed that I got 4 washcloths out of the one ball. But I did cheat just a little, I was running out of yarn during the bind off on the last washcloth, so I knotted in some of the extra long left over tails from earlier cloths. Two knots! I am soooo naughty. :-) What the heck, its a washcloth! I just won't give that one to anybody.

look ma, knot tails!
Today is our local Stitch-n-Pitch event at PetCo Park, and this year the Padres' season is fairly respectable. I don't mind watching a live game, but I confess I'm not really a baseball fan. I won't watch it on television at all, because just about every important event during a baseball game can be recapped in less than 5 minutes. But it is fun to get together with some of my knitting friends for this event. We catch the train (a special run just for the baseball game) in town and ride it to downtown San Diego, then walk or ride the trolley to the ballpark. We have lots of great knitting time, and we like supporting the event. I decided to start a new knitting project for the game, and so I'm trying the Summer Scarf project from this summer's issue of Spin-Off magazine, and I'm using a skein of my own hand spun yarn made from a 50/50 silk and cashmere blend from Abstract Fiber Arts.

Its almost time to go catch the train, bye!


  1. At first glance I thought you'd already whipped up a hoody out of Browning's fleece! Looked like the right color...but then I read the post.

    Have fun at the game!

  2. I *will* make a sweater from Browning's fleece, but I suspect I won't get it done this year. I adore his fleece. It makes such wonderful, bouncy, fluffy yarn. I'd love to have 2 others just like it, one black, and one silvery gray.

  3. I wish I had two others in those color just like his to sell you! But alas, I don't....