October 30, 2010

The Gnashing of Teeth!

Finally sat down to start blogging again. I know, its been a while, but my heart wasn't in it and then things got busy. But like I was saying, sat down to blog, bring things up to date. Was using Windows Live Writer 2011. Did the entire, long, with pictures, blog. Was just checking it over, proofreading; just a lace weight yarn away from hitting the "publish" button. *&^&%$())(&*^ cursed application suddenly blinks out, closed, gone.

"No problem" I thinks to myself, "the things been auto-saving all along, I've seen the little messages at the bottom of the window. I'll just find the draft file." Nope. Nada. Zilch. Gone. Grrrrrr. Can't. find it. anywhere. Running search now, but not getting my hopes up.

Condensed version;
My Dad is doing great, I usually go see him twice a week; to visit and play chauffeur.

Went to see Evan last week, got to meet Evan's girlfriend (that's new!) and other friends, fed them all dinner thank goodness it was a buffet! According to them, they are always hungry, tired, and usually panicked, but managing. I'll see him again for Thanksgiving, when I drive up to get him. I'll have him all to myself for the drive back. Nearly nine hours. He'll probably sleep. It'll be worth it.

Been doing much spinning;
latest, 4 oz. 50/50 silk/merino from Abstract Fibers

a while ago, Gotland lambswool roving, 4 oz.  Need want Shetland in this color. :-)

Organic brown cotton, 1 oz.

4 oz. silk/cashmere 50/50 blend, destined as a shawl or wrap, perhaps my own design and maybe dyed or painted after knitting. We'll see.

Shetland singles on an over-stuffed bobbin, who knows what destiny holds?

Thank you to every one for the heartfelt thoughts and words after Hootie Kitty's death. I miss her still, but that is the way of things. Actively waiting for next cat to find me. One of Ryan's friends is raising some very young kittens found a few weeks ago, maybe one of them will decide to live here.

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  1. Welcome back. I totally understand about blogging gaps! Glad to hear your dad is doing well...my sympathies on Hooter Kitty, it just take a piece of my heart forever when I lose one of my little friends. I look forward to hearing when someone new adopts you.