January 5, 2011

Happy Felt, Sad Felt

I love the boiled wool slippers I got this Christmas, especially as they feature the sheep. The sweater next to them used to fit my 18 year old son, until he forgot it was in his dirty clothes bag and threw it in the laundry with every thing else. For the record, he is very sad about this too. He looked very handsome in that sweater. It has a new life ahead of it now, as yet undetermined.

Happy Wool Year -Tina surprised me with 4 oz. of this mystery wool. I don't think I have all the details straight, but somebody else recently brought it from Portugal, and its been sitting around for 20 years. Its a little sticky, but not bad and I think I can spin it up, or at least felt it.  Looks like 4" staple, bold wavy crimp, finer than I expected. (Edit: I've been corrected, it came from Portugal 20 years ago)

I think I need a set of wool combs.


  1. Why do the felting genies bless your son's sweater and not my long wool swatch? It's not FAIR! ;-)

  2. I guess blessings are in the eyes of the beholder... :-) If it helps, I'm pretty sure the sweater is merino. (light bulb!) Maybe the long wool will hand felt? (disclaimer, this is on my to-try list, not my I-know-this-works list) Place swatch in shallow baking pan, place piece of mesh material such as window screen, over top. Add just enough hot water to wet swatch, scrub bar of soap over mesh fabric/wool swatch (wear rubber gloves)to agitate (and hopefully felt) swatch.

    I've felted Romney and Shetland (not of your sheep), but only as fiber, never tried in yarn form.

    Good Luck!

  3. lol close. It was from Portugal 20 years ago. it's been sitting unloved in a bag in my stepmother-in-law's closet since then. I think. :)

    i can't wait to see what happens with it!

  4. oh and... https://www.smartwool.com/default.cfm#/Mens/Apparel/_/_/2554/