May 19, 2011

This n That

Okay, I can be geeky about some things, so please bear with me.  I was reading WormSpit's blog, and he has posted a link to this very cool video of Fiorenzo Omenetto, a materials researcher, talking about some of the incredible potential uses for silk proteins. I don't want give any inaccurate information, so please do spend about 10 minutes to watch the video. I was amazed, fascinated, and intrigued.

Sadly, I won't have anymore Hummingbird nestling updates, a few days or nights after I took the last picture, something raided the nest. pooh.

I don't have any updated sock pictures, but I have one for spinning. The brilliantly dyed BFL that I was spinning back in this post is now plied with 2 strands of black alpaca and looks like this:
the black really makes those bright colors pop!


  1. I LOVE that color of that yarn! I'll have to remember that for some brightly colored roving I have.... Sad about the hummers. :-(

  2. Nature being what it is, I guess. there are so many nest robbers around here now, its a wonder any baby birds get old enough to leave the nest. Ravens, crows, scrub jays, rats, and other things too. But I know mother hummer will find a new mate and a better nest site.
    I still have an ounce or so of the BFL, so I get to play with more color combinations!