July 7, 2011

Road Trippin' part 3

Well, this is embarrassing. There was a reason why I split the road-trip into 3 parts, and I can't remember why.  I mean, I can't remember much of anything significant for the 3rd part. I feel like I've left the house and forgotten to don an article of clothing.

The drive south from the Ranch to Davis was just as enchanting as the drive north. BTW, my dog is a champion road-tripper. Never whines, doesn't get car sick, and never, ever asks if we are there yet. Mount Shasta is just as impressive from the north as from the south. Shasta lake was still completely full.  You know, I drove almost the entire trip, both directions without listening to the radio (or any other music player) at all. About 75% I think. Weird.

I stayed in the Davis area for the night. The room next door had a barking dog. But he didn't start in until about, oh, 11:45 pm. And then he only barked when someone left his room, or walked by the door. As long as nobody thought is was my dog.

The next day, I  met up with Evan in the morning so we could take care of some business, and then I headed for home around noon. Like I mentioned in a earlier post, this part of the drive is becoming routine. I did notice something that had escaped my attention before. At the north end of the Grapevine on highway 5 is a rest area, near Lebec. Caltrans is refurbishing the rest area, so it is closed right now. The sign below the "closed" sign states "next rest area 202 miles" or something near that. (There's one of those truck stop travel plazas at the next exit, stop there.) As I was passing that sign, it occurred to me that the refered to rest area could only be the one located along the stretch of the 5 running through Camp Pendelton, only 35  or 40 minutes from my house. Trust me, you don't want to wait that long if you need a rest stop.

Dog and I made it home safely, the cat was sure happy to see us.

I still feel like there was something in particular to blog about the return trip, but can't dredge anything useful up from the dregs of my mind. Oh well. Instead here are a couple of pictures; progress on the ottoman cover,
Some lovely, fluffy lumps of combed (by me! Sqweeee!) Shetland,
and a picture of Scipio, in his favorite cat wallow. That's right, cat wallow. Anytime I let him outside, the first thing he does is sprint over to this spot and roll, no roll doesn't begin to cover it, rub and swim through the dirt in this spot.

I'm headed out of town for about 10 days, and don't expect to have computer access, everybody be safe!  By the way, my friend at the Ranch had shoulder surgery today, everybody please keep good thoughts for Dusty.

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