July 28, 2011

Spinning My (Creative) Wheels

Grumbledy, grumbledy grumbledy.  Summer feels like its flying by, and from a fiber-y  standpoint, I feel I've  nothing to show for it. I want to spin, but I don't know what I want to spin.  I'm trying to focus on intentional spinning, and I keep running myself into little road blocks.
"How about a Shetland lace weight yarn?"
"Okay, that sounds good. But, I hardly ever knit lace.:
"Well, you could give the yarn to someone else."
"I supose. But what if they don't like it?"
"Alright then, how about trying to make some funky yarn? You've been wanting to practice that."
"Yeah, but what would I do with it then?"
"Well, how about washing some fleece, you like doing that. And you really should finish that up."
"I don't really feel like it today."
"Fine. Go clean up your mess in the garage."
"I think I'll wash fleece today."

I'll spare us all the similar nonsense regarding knitting, felting, woodworking and just general "really ought to get to that" conversations. I guess I should be glad that I'm not complaining about being bored.

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