August 23, 2011

WIP Update

First the socks; the heels are finally turned!  For some reason, I had a problem starting the heel short rows in the proper place on both pairs of socks.  Too long, then too short and finally just so. It was frustrating, and time consuming. And puzzling. Those darn socks would be done by now, if not for my bumbling. *WIP update: the knitting of the short socks is complete. Just needs a dunking and a few ends sewn in.
Evan's Very Red socks
My short sock
The part knitted, part felted ottoman cover is almost finished, and I'll be glad to see it done.  It just needs a short border at the bottom. I let it rest while I pondered the options; knitted, felted? Finally decided on knitted, meaning I can use some more yarn from stash. It feels like its taking forever, mostly because I think its boring knitting, but its almost done.  The knitting part I mean. It will still need steaming and seaming before it is truly finished.

Once the cover is done, I'll make a throw pillow to bring some of the ottoman colors to the chair. Part of the pillow will use the funky Shetland yarn I spun a few weeks ago.

My next WIP? A cardigan made from one of the Shetland fleeces I have here.  I'm still trying to pick a pattern, please share if you have a favorite. Here are some of the ones I like; Iced, Quercus, but this is just a quick listing of things I've been looking at for a while. I haven't even started looking through my books and magazines yet. I'm thinking worsted or aran weight and casual. Something of a workhorse, but a bit more dressed up than my wool hoody.  Here is some of the combed top. Waiting for me to decide.


  1. Is that Browning? Here's a link to a cardigan I have in my queue:

    I think it would be handsome in chocolate brown!

  2. Yes, it is Browning! Thanks for the sweater recommendation Michelle.

  3. Lovely! I just interviewed a darner over at my blog:

    Perhaps you, too, should consider setting up shop? @:-)

  4. Thanks for the idea, heartland frugalista! I very much enjoyed the interview and watching the darning video. My grandmother had a darning egg, I remember thinking it was such a curious thing. I'm sure she's tossed it by now. Too bad.