September 19, 2011

Ahoy Mateys!

Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! An' a wee bit o' nonsense be just tha remedy I be wantin' t' soften life's hard realities. Aye, me fine young lads both be away from home, attending institutions o' higher learnin', in hopes o' becomin' learned men. Me heart be fit to burst wi' pride o're the two o' them, but still, 'tis a mite bit lonely quiet-like here. I'll stiffen me backbone, I will, and show 'em all that I be made of sterner stuff.

I got me hobbies keepin' me occupied as well, Why, just ta other day, as we was making way for the village o' higher learnin', it came to me that the yarn for all three o' my traveling knitting endeavors were indeed crafted by my own hand. 'Twas a fine thought, an' buoyed me mood considerably. In high spirits, I completed those fine socks o' red an' black for me younger son, Evan. He be showin' them off here;

After makin' such satisfactory headway on tha socks, 'twernt naught to do but cast-on for a sweater t' warm me bones during tha chilly weather yet to come. Here be a progress image.

An', as tha sweater might become a bit bulky for transporting along, I cast-on for a bit o' a scarf as well.

Seein' how I were makin' such headway on me undertakin's, on me return to home port I finished yet another item, completin' the set below.

May ye all encounter favorable winds during your journeys.

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