September 22, 2011

Its Popping Up Everywhere

Yarn and knitting, that is. Ok, it really has always been everywhere, but now I am attuned. When I see magazines or catalogs, I look for the knit bits; sweaters and scarves, hats and mittens and so on. Do I like them? How do they look on the model ('cause really, if it doesn't look good on the model, I figure it'll look worse on me)? Most importantly, Is It Something I'd Like to Knit?

Earlier this week, an new catalog arrived in the mail. A jewelry catalog. The jewelry is lovely, but what really caught my eye was the skein of yarn on the front. Yup, yarn. Yarn that bears more than a passing resemblance to Noro. Thumbing through the pages I saw that yarn and knitted swatches were used all through the jewelry layouts, and to lovely effect. I thought I'd share by including a link to the website. Alas, the same photos aren't used on the website. So I scanned a few images to share.

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