February 20, 2012

Spinning Has Changed My Life

One of the signs; while vacuuming or sweeping the floor, those bundles of pet hair are no longer thought of as dust bunnies. They are rolags. In the wild. (If I've been really very lax, they are batts.) But they don't reflect poorly on my housekeeping standards, no. They mean I'm not brushing the dog (dogs, cat, whatever) enough and I'm losing valuable spin-able fiber.

Scipio's fur, especially his undercoat, is far to short to spin. But, enough of it seems to get caught up in my knitting and spinning that I don't think he should feel left out. Plus, he often 'supervises' my spinning activity. Last night he kept insisting on helping control the amount of twist (well, he claims he was only trying to help) entering the yarn. I'm trying to find a new hobby for Scipio, and this morning I hit on this, a live camera feed from the kelp tank at the Birch Aquarium. It did catch his attention.


  1. Hey Shelly, Deena the spinning sailor here. I do get some spinning in but my poscket wheel needs some adjusting right now. Spinning some Wensleydale into lace weight. Soooo lovely! Thanks for following my blog! Great to hear from someone who values the bundles of hair floating about the living quarters. I have tried to spin my cat's hair but if I don't spin it right away after prep, it just felts in the storage bag....

  2. Thanks for checking in Deena. I enjoy following your journey on your blog.