March 8, 2012

Happy Results

I've 2 plied all the samples shown here, and I'm ridiculously happy with how this part looks. Another thing that tickles me is how much fun I had spinning up the batts that had sparkly bits mixed in. What a twit I've been!  I've sort of avoided glittery things in my fiber, wrongly assuming it would some how spoil the lovely feel of the animal fiber. Another baseless bias broken. Lucky me!
The original plan called for spinning the fiber into singles, making a 2 ply yarn and then  cabling the 2 ply together, as sort of a color in spinning experiment.  I like this part so much, I might think of something else to do. Can you hear it, this 2 ply saying "weave me".  Perhaps a loom is in my future...


  1. That is a gorgeous yarn!! And yes, I can definitely imagine it woven up :)

  2. Very pretty. And I fell for "Oh, sparkly!" a loooong time ago. :-)

  3. Love the yarn. I was always like that with the sparkly, also, but have found just a wee bit will really perk up the yarn. Another one for the Never Say Never file!