March 19, 2012

Weaving Along

Well, flush with sense of accomplishment, and seeing plenty of potential in the stash, I warped up my next weaving project. As I was warping the first project, I noticed that I'd inadvertently skipped one of the slots in the heddle. Oops, a hole. Since I'd just started the part where the yarn gets pulled through the eye in the reed, I figured I'd just shift everything over one slot once I got to the problem place. So instead of 180 ends the warp would have 178. No biggie. Then I discovered I'd warped through one of the slots twice, so I'd need to shift everything one slot over anyway, but now I'd still end up wtih 180 ends. Until I found another place where I missed a slot.

So when I started warping the loom for the second project, I took extra care to make sure I didn't miss a slot or double warp through a slot. And I didn't. Instead, I forgot to pull yarn through one of the eyes, so the warp has 179 ends, and one placed that has double yarn. If you click on the picture, you can see the double yarn warp running almost right down the center. Apparently the weaving goddess has no more tolerance for smugness than the knitting goddess. Do you think they are sisters?

This time around I'm experimenting with what I've seen called 'clasped weft' weaving. Its a bit more fiddly than just plain weave, but I'm hoping the results are worth it. Its an interesting way to work color in. I'm not really sure yet, because I never see more than about 12" of the project at a time, as the already woven bit gets rolled up as I move the warp.
I'm really enjoying watching how the colors look together.

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