April 19, 2012

Fleece Search Continues

All the white Devon top is spun into singles, waiting to be plied. But I already know it isn't the wool I'm looking for. While there were some very long fiber lengths in the top, there were also some very short fibers. And kemp. I did try combing a handful, and that did improve things. Hey, if I'm going to comb wool, I'd rather start from fleece. The Devon is also very chalky. Since the armchair project will likely need pounds of yarn, I'd rather work with something I like. The way I figure it, liking what I'm spinning greatly increases the odds that I'll actually finish the spinning for this project. I'm hoping to try some Lincoln wool soon, I have great expectations.
really terrible cell phone pic
It's been a week since I've had any project on my needles, so when a friend mentioned she likes the toys I knit for my cat, I snatched up some yarn and needles. One wooly mouse, coming right up. Maybe even two. Another project ready to start is the Keyhole Sand Dollar (Ravelry link) dishcloth. When I saw the one Kelie knit up, it just charmed the pants off me. I need many of these hanging around, I just do. In different, beachy colors.

Water lilies = smile

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