April 11, 2012

WIP'd Up Wednesday

Hooray, finished projects to share! After a long (for knitting projects and me) and somewhat bumpy relationship, the Seaglass Wrap is finished. I cast on, the first time, all the way back in September 2011. Checking back through my photos, I started spinning the yarn back in the Fall of 2010. It seems longer ago. This isn't a great picture, no sunshine and blocking on the lounge but today is about catching up.
Edit: New picture of Seaglass Wrap (gosh, that dried faster than expected!)

Over the weekend, this was started and finished; Okay nearly finished. I need to clean up the tails and fringe.
The Islands in the Sea scarf. Yup, weaving is fast. I especially like from the bottom of the dip in the middle, moving up to the right.Yellow, green, purple, yum. All handspun yarn. The warp (the stuff that ends up making the fringes) is a merino/seacell blend top from Creatively Dyed Yarns. Most of the weft yarns were spun up specifically to play with color, using a rotation of 5 (I think) different colored tops from Ashland Bay. This is a technique I learned during Knot Hysteria 2011, during Judith Mackenzie's spinning with color class. In some places I changed colors fairly frequently, and in some places I forgot I meant to change colors, so got longer color runs. I think the stripier bits are the short color runs, and the long gradient bits were longer color runs. Then the resulting single is made into a 2 ply.

But I didn't ply all of it together with itself. The light purple bit, and the brown bit, those were spun from batts I carded at the same workshop. (We did this after dinner a couple of nights. Best. Dessert. Ever.)  And then plied with the aforementioned color study yarn. This is like playing with magic. Really really good magic. The kind of magic that pops open the little doors in my brain, throws wide open windows of opportunity. "Look! Look! Look what is possible." I'm a sucker for this stuff. Oh, the yarn that insisted I weave it? The browish colored bit over to the right. Impossible (so far) for me to photograph accurately, I'd love to make an entire garment from fabric just like this. A quest is born.

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