June 28, 2012

Oregon Update

Last time I checked in, I was getting ready to head north. First a far as Davis, CA; to drop Evan off for summer sessions at UCD. Then a bit farther up the road to Orland, stopping to visit Sue at her Cormo sheep farm.  http://www.cormo.us
Wow, what a wonderful person and shepherdess! She raises her sheep to preserve the breed, and to produce incredible fleeces for hand spinners. There were still some fleeces from the last shearing in the wool barn. Very clean, very well skirted, very soft and crimpy. You should take a look at the pictures on  her website, really. Her place isn't very far off my return route. I think I might need to make another stop.
I made good time getting to my friend Dusty's place, and I'm still here. Busy with all sorts of things. The weather has been mostly rainy, especially the weekend of BSG. I went on Friday, and found a Romney fleece in the wool sale area that should work well for my chair project. I also bought a few odds-n-ends for weaving.
That's all for now, I can barely keep my eyes open.

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