July 2, 2012

Two more pics from BSG

Did I mention I didn't take very many pictures? Part of the time I'm so enthralled I forget I have a camera with me, 2 actually. And sometimes I get lazy and think, "well, in some ways fiber festivals look much the same."
Here are 2 pictures I thought to share; a shot of several Columbine spinning wheels in multiple colors, and an awesome felted art piece that might also be a bedspread. I really hope its a bedspread, I'd to snuggle under something like that.
The Columbine spinning wheels are made of metal and so won't warp or crack like wood. I'm told the bobbins hold a whopping 12 oz. of fiber. I can't speak to how they spin, I didn't try one out. They make great eye candy though.

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