August 31, 2012

Another Confession

I'm 'fessing up. There's something I've been keeping to myself. Now its time to share. Heck, in a few weeks, it will be totally obvious anyway.

I'm getting a puppy. Part of me is sure I must be crazy. Shucks, life is enriched by a little craziness, yes? You can see mug shots over at the Morgan River Ranch blog.
That link takes you to photos of the horde at 4 weeks old. If you roam the blog, there are pictures starting with just born to just a few days ago.

I don't know which one is coming home with me yet. I know its not Timber (sigh), he's spoken for. I think I need to buy more chew toys now.


  1. Yes, Timber would be my pick, too. Next would be one of the non-merles.... How do you think the current king and queen (cat and dog) will like the addition?

  2. King Scipio will at first be outraged, then disgusted, and he might try being a bully for a bit. But i believe friendship will occur. Queen Shae will be gracious, as long as the little furball remembers who is Queen.

  3. I vote for gypsy. Love that face!