August 4, 2012

Scipio's New Climbing Post

After we moved the exercise equipment out to make room for the loom, Scipio needed a reworked climbing post. Or I did, if I wanted my furniture to survive. Today I finally finished the project up. The taller post is a concrete post form, originally purpchased from the hardware store, and reused from the previous version of the kitty post. The shorter post are re-purposed heavy duty shipping tubes. DH had something mailed to the house, I claimed the tubes. The carpet is cheapo area rug from big box hardware store. I'm not sure how long it will hold up. I already had the rope used to tie the post together. I used a staple/nail gun to attach the carpet to the tubes. I thought about using something like Gorilla Glue, but didn't want the glue smell while it cured. And this time around I cut some end caps out of masonite (hardy board or whatever) that was already sitting around. So right now, this looks pretty clean. If it isn't stable enough, I can toss some weight into the bottom of the tubes. We've already taking a test run.
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