August 25, 2012

Second Napkin Lessons

Halfway through weaving the second napkin, using a rose-path pattern, and this is what it looks like;

It only looks like this from the side. From where I sit at the loom, I can only see the pattern in the darker stripes. This creates challenges in seeing any mess-ups I might have made in the treadling sequence. Using this pattern, along with the color changes, well, I'm finding it harder to keep track of where I am. As in, "Let's see, that last pick was done on treadle 2, but was the pick before on treadle 3 or treadle one?" I've been right maybe 50% of the time? Now I'm experimenting with leaving sticky notes on the fell to remind me where I left off. Clearly, when I get to more complicated patterns, I'm going to need a system.

Now, its off to spin group!

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