September 26, 2012

Lets Be Realistic...

There's just nothing but puppy going on at this house. Please bear with me while puppy pics consume the blog. At least Rowyn can't actually eat the blog.

We've been working on some puppy training. Or maybe that's human training. Right off the bat, Ro let me know that if I want his attention while he's busy ignoring me, I need some better treats. I found some freeze-dried liver ones that all the pets in the house enjoy. Even Scipio the cat. Right now I'm sitting on the treat bag to keep the cat out of it. And Rowyn keeps running over just in case I called him.

Scipio and Rowyn are very interested in each other, but haven't decided on what the ground rules are. Scipio has taught Ro that just barging in is rude. I wish I'd had a camera ready to capture the look on Rowyn's face the first time the cat bopped him on the head! "Whoa, dude! Whacha to that for?"

Shae is mostly very tolerant of of Rowyn's antics. I keep telling her she needs to bust his chops when he starts getting uppity, but she looks at me as if to say, "awww, he's just a puppy." Shae has snarked at Ro a couple of times, but then she just looks miserable that she made him yelp. She doesn't like anyone to get in trouble, even if she's the one handing out the discipline.

Here are a couple of cell phone videos of them playing;

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