September 15, 2012

Puppy Pics!

Firstly, a fiber type update. Not much to say, new puppy in house, no knitting, spinning or weaving taking place. At All. I did start a tank top earlier this month. Right now it looks like, well, not much. Two inches of knitting in the round.

Now for the good stuff. Puppy updates. Ryan was the first to meet the puppy, and he suggested perhaps we could change the puppy's name. I'm alright with that. Most of the time, I'm pretty terrible with naming things. Ryan is pretty good at it, and he's named two of our previous pets. Later that same day, Evan met puppy and agreed that we should consider a different name. And he wanted a crack at it since he's never named one of our pets. I gave him the go ahead to start suggesting names. (Just so we're clear here, the final decision is mine. The boys know that.)

Sadly, Evan seems to have inherited the "bad with naming things" gene from his mother. I've let him know that it is entire possible to live a normal life with such a deficiency, especially since you're bound to know somebody else that's pretty good with naming. Oddly enough, I've been tossing out names faster than a popcorn machine. Very uncharacteristic, and I'm enjoying the feeling. Meanwhile, we still have Pup-pup-puppy. This will not be his name.

Heeeheeehee, Look, I'm a GSD puppy!
A game of tug with Shae. Love the look on her face.
Wading in the pool. He likes to splash.
Whew! I'm beat.

Keeping track of all these people is hard work for one puppy.

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  1. I met a very cute puppy named Tank at soccer practice. I don't know if yours is a "Tank" but he sure is cute!