January 15, 2013

Frosty- Continued

The colder than normal for San Diego weather continues, but the forecasters say things should be moving closer to normal temps this week. Overall, we've been about 10 degrees F cooler than normal. I thought about complaining about the temperatures, because, well, I'm a wimpy Southern Cali gal. My brother and sister would love that, then they could pick on me. They're both living in areas that see minus temps in the winter, bless their frosty little toes.

While I was thinking about complaining, it dawned on me. This is the weather I'm always dreaming about when I'm perusing fabulous fibres and sweater patterns, and sighing out loud that, "I'd love to knit this sweater, but it never gets cold enough here. I'd never get to wear it."  This is that weather. Why do I only have 2 hand knit wool sweaters? One cardigan and one pullover, for the record. (never mind that I just frogged a cardi, it wasn't getting any wear time anyway.) Why don't I have more fingerless mitts? For that matter, why don't I have more long sleeved shirts? Why don't I have more layering clothes, for that matter. I understand the concept of layering, but a recent trip to Davis proved to me that I don't how to properly execute layered clothing.

Whoops, I guess I ended up complaining anyway. Before this winter is over, I vow to knit myself one more sweater, a cardigan. Using the yarn from the frogged Pinwheel sweater.  I've been swatching away, trying different types of stitches. More on that later. I should say, I been slogging away at swatching, since it seems like every time I sit down to knit, I get about 2 rows done and I'm asleep.

See!? Sunny San Diego

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