January 6, 2013

It's a New Year, Lets Use the Exercise Stuff!


balance in life is important
By the way, that yarn used to be my Pinwheel sweater. I was going to add a link for the blog post about the sweater, except that project happened before I started blogging. Fortunately, I can show you a picture.
It was a fun knit, but I never, ever wore it. Maybe twice. Love the loopy i-cord bind off effect, loved that there was no seaming. The garter stitch border did feel like forever to finish.

Why frog it now? Well, these chilly, and by chilly I mean oh my gosh some days it is not even breaking 60 F here in San Diego, days have me wishing for a new, cozy hand-knit sweater. (My friends that live places much colder, please do not think harshly of me. I was born and raised in sunny climes and don't know any better.) I have sooo much fiber in my stash, I hate to  (okay, that's a lie. I'd love to) buy more yarn. (Apologies to my yarn selling friends.) It seems indulgent to buy more yarn when I have so much fiber here. But most of that fiber is pounds and pounds of fleece, not yarn. I want a finished sweater this season, not next, or next year! Frogging the Pinwheel sweater was already in my plans, and so it will be crafted into a different sweater.

Deciding on what sweater takes far longer than reclaiming the yarn. Hours and hours of searching patterns. Actually, I see many sweaters I like that call for bulky yarn, and almost every single one of them has cables. Lots and lots of cables. I fear the hand-painted nature of this yarn is not compatible with cables. I'll knit a test swatch, just to be sure. But my inner knitter is already sure. Maybe I'll be wrong about color + cables. I can be wrong about things sometimes. (Do NOT repeat this to the men in my family!) If the color + cables swatch is no good, I'm considering one of two options. Over dye the yarn, and knit a cabled sweater, or design a sweater that has the texture I'm craving that works with the yarn I'm using. I'll decide over the next few days. Dyeing is faster, I'm thinking.

By the way, the Shark hat was finished in time for Evan's return to college. I told him if he doesn't wear it, he has to give it back. :-)


  1. From the one photo, I LOVE that pinwheel sweater! It looks like something I WOULD wear, being a cardigan that can be opened up, flapped for air movement, or ripped off quickly in case of a hot flash. Someday I hope to be able to think once again about wearing a pullover....

    Great hat! I bet all his friends will want one; you'd better think about what you'd charge!

  2. You know, I would have happily worn that sweater :-)