February 2, 2013

Sweater Update

I swatched. (Silly spell checker doesn't believe "swatched" is a word.) I even blocked my swatches. I measured my blocked swatches and myself. I tested making decreases and increases and came up with a plan. 

Now, well not right now, I am knitting. And knitting.  Bottom up, knit fronts and back together and split at the arm scythes. The only way to know if I've nailed this sweater is to knit on, and see what happens. I'd really like to know before the weather warms up. I've already cast on twice. Now I'm most of the way through the waist decreases. The plaited basket weave is a bit of a slog, and I'm not an especially fast knitter; one row might take over 20 minutes. On the positive side, the stitch patterns are easy to remember, and once I get tot the armholes, there will be fewer stitches to knit, and no side seams needing sewing. Back to knitting!

1 comment:

  1. That plaited basket weave is really beautiful!