May 14, 2013

Off the Diet

The fleece diet. I'd gone almost 12 months without buying any fleece, and I was feeling pretty good about that. Mostly. But a deep, dark, secret part of me was longing for a soft touch of fleece, the heady scent of raw wool, the caress of lanolin. But I knew I could hold out, I was strong, no longer a slave to my desires. Right up until my friend Michelle at Boulderneigh mentioned having half a fleece for sale. Half? Why, that's like sharing desert, it hardly counts as breaking a diet. Right? (don't answer, my logic is working for me.)

So yesterday's mail brought my half-desert, er, fleece. Here is one half of Bart's very conscientious and successful effort at being a Shetland Sheep. Which he is.
I pulled a lock, and it just kept on coming out.
I haven't measured the staple, but this should give you an idea.

Whee! I can't wait to get started!

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