June 2, 2013

It's June! Time for a Sweater Update!

I think I started the sweater back in January. I know I had no idea how long this would take me, or what I was up against. For instance, my lack of experience in garment design and the stitch patterns I'd chosen. And the fact then I keep crummy notes. (They made sense at the time.) On the other hand, none of these obstacles result in death or dismemberment for making an uniformed choice. Unless, of course we're talking about the knitted garment, which has endured several 'dismemberments' to date.

The week before last, I ripped back the upper sweater fronts and reworked them one more time, one at a time. I'm pretty sure they match. I'm reasonably happy with the results, or at least satisfied enough that I'm not headed for another do-over.  But just like painting the walls makes the carpeting look bad, now the sweater back needed attention. About 20 more rows should see it complete, and then I can stitch the shoulders together. After that, I think I'll celebrate a bit and do some spinning. I really want to do some spinning. And I'll post a picture or two. Then its back to the sweater, to add a collar, pocket linings and sleeves, oh, and some sort of closure. Zipper or buttons or something. My initial plan was for a zipper, I've never put one in a knitted thing before, and if I can stand it, I think the experience will be "good" for me.

Once this project is done, I'm really looking forward to knitting some sweaters from some lovely, well thought out patterns. That someone else wrote.

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