July 27, 2013


I like gadgets, and not just the electronic kind. To me, gadgets are something that I could live without, but having certain types around can make some things much easier. Sometimes, I don't realize how much I use a gadget until it stops working. Last fall, my digital scale went blank, and I couldn't revive it. It really isn't an important gadget, but boy, have I ever missed it. I finally picked up a new one, and what a looker!
I'm so happy I can weigh things again.

Last week, I got a gadget for another gadget. I've enhanced the drum carder with a fine fiber brush from Duncan. I haven't tested it yet, I'm going to try carding some dog hair. According to Duncan, the brush really helps with fine, low crimp fiber.  (Shae was happy to contribute some test material today. Lucky for me she loves being brushed.)

And I bought a new gadget, a bobbin winder. For months I've been making do, rigging my Pocket Wheel so I could wind shuttle bobbins. It sort of worked, but was awkward. And slow. And awkward. I knew a bobbin winder would make things easier. But I have many different types and materials of bobbins, with different shaft openings. (Thank you, Kelie!) I've been hoping to find a winder versatile enough to work with all those different bobbins, plus my spinning wheel bobbins. And I finally found just what I've been looking for. This!
A lovely, adjustable bobbin winder. Hooray for gadgets!

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