August 5, 2013

Baby Sweater Update

Pattern - Sunnyside Baby Sweater by Tanis Lavallee. Yarn - Lang Yarn Bebe Color. Modifications - Mirror the cables on front and back.

I waited way too long to start this project, baby Miles is due in 2 weeks. In baby calendar time, that might be any day. While baby sweaters are small, the yarn is fingering weight, so there are still many stitches to go. But, I think I can do this, as long as Miles isn't in too much of a hurry to meet the world. (By the way Miles, you picked some awesome parents.) Miles will be my grand nephew. My baby brother's first grandchild. We're all really looking forward to meeting the little guy.

But Miles's home is one the east coast, and mine on the west, so this little baby sweater is my letter of introduction. I hope I make a good first impression.

Once I decided to get cracking and pick a pattern, I had the brilliant idea of checking my stash for something suitable. Ta-Da! The yarn is soft, springy, squishy and superwash. And there is just enough of it for this pattern. My gauge sample (yes! I did a swatch.) came out a little bit small. I checked the math and decided to cast on one size up, anticipating a finished size somewhere between the listed 3-6 and 6-12. (Here's me, checking my niece's fb wall for pictures, trying to guess if she's more likely to have a smallish sized baby, or a biggish sized baby. Cause Miles probably won't need a sweater much in August. I think I'm safe.)

Now, I think the sweater is inky-dinky adorable, and I keep imagining the little guy all cozy wearing it, and thinking how it's a nice light weight for a wool sweater and how great that is for a baby born in August. But once I've used up this cutsie pie baby yarn, I think my next baby sweaters will be knit in worsted weight, or at least DK. These little cables, and needles and splitty yarn, they're getting to me. Oh, and I need to buy buttons.

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