October 7, 2013

99% Finished

The only thing I've left to figure out is the closure(s). After wearing the first incarnation around for a few years, I started feeling like the double breasted closure was a bit fiddly. I love the double breasted look,  but buttons and snaps? Fastening just one or the other didn't look right. (I sound soooo lazy right now. I wonder if small magnets would work?) So this time around I didn't make the garter stitch button bands as wide, and I'll figure out another type of closure. Also, the last time I knit this with this yarn, the gauge really grew after washing, so I knit this shorter than I thought it needed to be, and counted on it stretching during washing. Luckily for me, it did.

US #10 needles, also used US #11 to knit the garter stitch. I knit the 42.5" size, which on me would have only slightly positive ease. But, based on my previous knit up, I felt I'd like the closer fit. The wool is my own handspun, from a Shetland fleece, and is very springy, so maybe that stretchiness is the difference.

Yarn quantity: 482gr, I didn't measure wpi or yardage.
Measurements: (taken with front bands overlapped, consider these measurements approximate)
Bust (measured at underarm) 39"
Waist 37"
Hips (at hem) 44"
Cast on edge (back collar) to hem 21"
Underarm to hem 13 1/2"
Sleeve Length (underarm to hem) 18 1/2"

Used US #10 needles.
Used a cable cast on to start, the neck needed a firmer cast on.
I added on more short row round (2 wrap and turns) to the collar
I made 2 additional decrease rounds on the sleeves, and made the sleeves longer.
I made the button bands narrower.

We're expecting cooler weather later in the week, so maybe I'll get to wear this!

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