November 11, 2013

So, about that finished sweater...

First off, all along I've been calling it the wrong thing. It's a tank top, or a sleeveless shell, or something. Not a sweater. Sweaters have sleeves.

Next off, I said it was all done, and then didn't put up any pictures. Now I'll put up pictures and give an explanation.
Can you see it there, just up at the neckline? Here, I'll make it easier.
See how that one stitch in the stripe kind of hitches up toward the neckline? Not really sure what was happening there, but there was nothing to do except take out the garter stitches and redo the neckline. Which was okay with me, because the neckline seemed overly loose and floppy. I started over, changed where I picked up stitches and did many more decreases than called for in the pattern instructions. It came out way better. Of course, then I tried it on again, and wouldn't you know it, I decided the armholes needed the same treatment.

I really like this yarn, DK Shine by Knit-Picks, if feels cool and wonderful against my skin and has terrific drape. In fact, this must be the most 'relaxed' yarn I've ever worked with. Even though I got gauge with my swatch, this tank finished with far more positive ease than expected, especially in the back. I think I could've gone down a needle size, and even then, I should have knit the back a size smaller than the front.

Sorry for the poor selfie, I still lack proficiency. Yes, the stripes are different widths. On purpose. There are stripes because I wasn't sure I had enough of the blue to make a complete tank. The stripes are different widths because I could. I made modifications to the pattern; knitting in the round, and I made the shoulders wider that the pattern, and as I noted above, I made more decreases in the neck and arm trim than called for in the pattern. Note: the short rows at the bottom don't look as nice when knit in the round.

Here are the pieces together.

Overall, I'm reasonably pleased with the results.

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