February 26, 2014

Weaving Wednesday

It seems I suffer from 'other thing-itis'. You know what I mean, don't you? For me, it's that feeling that happens when I'm knitting, and thinking I'd rather be doing that other thing. Spinning or weaving. Or even just working on a different knitting project. Note: I'm just going to ignore how this feeling is nearly always present during, say, household chores.
So lately, while I'm spinning, which isn't all that often, I find myself wishing I were weaving with my handspun yarn. Not the napkin project that's been sitting on the loom for the last year and one half. I want to do Some Other Thing. With knitting, it's fairly straight forward to start another project; just grab some yarn and another set of needles. At worst, go out and purchase the same. Really not a bad thing at all. "Oh darn it, I have to go out and buy some more yarn and needles." Actually, that sounds like a good thing.
Even with spinning, if I feel I simply must start working with some other fiber project, it's easy enough to grab a fresh bobbin and get going. At worst, I might need to wind some yarn off a bobbin first. No need to purchase more fiber. There is plenty here.
But, with weaving things are different. A project on the loom isn't easily set aside for some other project. It must be finished. It can be cut from the loom, but not easily restarted. And looms, well I just don't think I have the space or resources to run out and pick up another loom so I can work on a different project.
This is all a long way of saying I want to finish the napkin project so I can start something else. So at least on Wednesdays, I'll make sure and take some time for weaving. The 4th napkin is nearly finished, just over 100 picks to go. Maybe they'll be done by the end of March!


  1. If you don't want to run out and buy a new loom (my recommendation), then you can always borrow one in the meantime if you are antsy to start something new!

  2. Mags, I don't think you should be encouraging me! ;-) I'm going to finish this project, I am.