April 21, 2014

Cards in the Mail

This morning I needed to mail something off to someone, so I went searching through my card box. I am not a great correspondent, much to my grandmother's dismay, but some years ago I decided that if I kept all types of cards handy then I couldn't use that excuse that I forgot to buy a card. One day I was shopping and came across a big box of all types of cards; birthday cards, wedding cards, thank you cards, get well cards and blank cards and so on, and that was the beginning of the card box.

Sadly, I am still a poor correspondent. But, the card box has helped me meet a few occasions that otherwise might have gone unmarked. Except for Christmas. I do even worse then.

From time to time I find cards that I like and I put them in the box against future need. Shucks, I even put cards I don't especially like into the box, you know, just in case. So thumbing through the cards, I noticed quite a few were those friendly "thinking about you" type cards. Wow. When was the last time I even thought to send one of those to someone? Of course I think of my friends and loved ones. But now, instead of a card, its an email, or text, pm, poke or blog comment. Faster, and easier to act on impulse, but it doesn't feel the same to send as a piece of card stock folded into an envelope. What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I think your card is going to make my day, and not just because of what's enclosed with it! :-)

    Snailmail really is better. One can prop it up on the counter and feel the love every time you see it, rather than the fleeting nature of email. I am not the correspondent that I used to be, but was trained up to know the appreciation my grandparents and other relatives would feel when I spent the time to write a letter.