May 15, 2014


Whew! Yesterday afternoon another fire started up to the northeast of us. This one is making me nervous, its not headed in our direction, but winds and canyons and fires make their own rules about how to burn. We gathered things together, just in case we needed to pack and leave in a hurry. (Wow, how can I be low on both dog and cat food?) Scipio the cat wasn't very helpful. I'd let him outside earlier in the day, before any fires were in the area. Normally, on hot days he is ready by mid-day to come back and sleep in the comfort of a cool house. But not yesterday. Maybe it was the smoke and ash in the air, or the underlying urgency I was trying to conceal (typically, there is a inverse correlation between how much I want the cat in, and how much he feels like coming in.) I finally had to break out the tinned sardines. That worked. But I was very close to letting him go, and hoping he wouldn't get crispy cooked or eaten if we had to evacuate. I couldn't risk everyone's safety over the cat. Thank goodness he decided to come in, and we haven't needed to evacuate, and I didn't need to make that decision.

The second fire, called the Cocos fire, has moved farther east, but spread a bit south. It's not likely to become a threat, but wildfires can't be trusted and we remain watchful.

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