June 10, 2014


I know not everyone will agree with me, but I think there should be coffee flavored toothpaste. For in the morning. I don't want my mouth minty fresh right before I drink my coffee, it makes my coffee taste strange. My son Ryan thinks this is a terrible idea, but he doesn't drink coffee, so he's hardly qualified to offer an opinion. However, we both agree that coffee flavored toothpaste should not be the color of coffee. I don't think I want to squeeze brown toothpaste onto my toothbrush.


  1. I think you should develop that idea!

  2. You'll get no argument from the Great Pacific Northwest, epicenter of all that is coffee.

    Years ago, down at the Crazy Shirts outlet in Seaport Village, I bought a cool Tshirt, dyed with Kona coffee. It smelled divine for many, many washings. I see they still offer them in their catalogue. Now, you just need coffee dyed sheets, towels, toothpaste and breakfast cereal.