June 28, 2014

The Row(d) Goes on

Or, The Real Reason I Seldom Knit A Sweater in DK Yarn. Or just seldom knit a sweater. I'm a knitting light-weight. I'm not exactly bored with this knit, I think. Or maybe I am. But, now that I have the pattern repeat well in hand, I can work on this knit whilst watching World Cup games. Or a TV show. Or anything, at least until the knitting gets more interesting.

The picture shows about 61 rows of pattern, just over 10 inches. Unlike some cable patterns, this one looks fairly decent on the wrong side, check out the bit that's folded over. (on the right side of pic)  Well, enough complaining, I have rows to knit. (Circlet in blue)

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, right. Knitting lightweight. Like ANYONE here believes THAT for a minute.

    Gorgeous colour, that blue. Downright yummy.

    At the rate things are working out for both of us, you'll be able to wear it up here while enjoying a fine, grassfed Zenda steak around the firepit table with a robust Pinot. Hey, great colour combo! Add some Pinot accents to the sweater! That's be awesome!